Ballistic Hollow Point

LICENSE PLATE KIT 1 Piece Material and License Plate Frame

  • Model: SDHP-LIC

LICENSE PLATE KIT 1 Piece Materials and License Plate Frame

Made of a unique butyl rubber composite with an aluminum constraining layer for vibration damping. Ballistic Hollow Point is developed to deliver incredible performance at entry level price point. The light weight construction allows the material to stick great and work in a variety of applications.

Kit includes: 1 Piece 4” x 12” Material, 1 Piece 2” x 6” Material and License Plate Frame.


0.048 Sq Ft (0.0042)


12.375" x 8.25" x 0.75"


100 Per Carton

41.73" x 13.39" x 18.5"

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